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We are striving for a versatile higher education system.

CHE Consult is a consulting company in the field of strategic higher education management. The basis of our activities is the close and trust-based relationship with our clients, whom we engage in dialogue to work towards and achieve strategic goals.

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Does higher education law hinder the digitalisation of studying and teaching?

A new study by CHE Consult examines the impact of legal regulations on the digitalisation of studying as well as teaching and provides recommendations for policy-makers and universities. Higher education legislation, especially at state level, has a considerable influence on the organisation of university...

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Conference on the operation of large-scale equipment and laboratories

CHE Consult is organising the face-to-face event “Sharing and efficiently operating large-scale equipment/laboratories” on 16 May 2024 at the GLS Campus Berlin: How does it work?” The event is aimed at people in science and in science-supporting areas who are involved in the planning,...

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Guideline for external evaluation of the university administration

Together with the University for Continuing Education Krems, CHE Consult has developed a guideline for the external evaluation of university administration. In accordance with the Austrian Universities Act, the country’s universities have their own quality management system for the purposes of quality and performance...

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Strategies for dealing with falling student numbers

At the beginning of November, CHE Consult successfully organised two conferences at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences on the topic of “Falling student numbers – just a question of marketing?”. The reason for organising these conferences was the...

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Two conferences on the topic of “Falling Student Numbers

CHE Consult is organising a conference on the significance of declining student numbers for universities and universities of applied sciences (HAW) at two universities each: On 2 and 3 November 2023 in Magdeburg and on 7 and 8 November 2023 in Hamm-Lippstadt. After we...

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Effective strategies for conflict resolution in the team

In an article for the journal “Wissenschaftsmanagement”, Jens Engelke, Principal Consultant at CHE Consult, presents two instruments from conflict management as components of an application-oriented guide for managers: Proactive work climate feedback and conflict resolution talks between two employees. Universities and scientific institutions are...

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Competence Orientation in the Engineering Sciences

In an article for the journal “Wissenschaftsmanagement”, Prof. Dr. Birgit Baum, Associate Consultant at CHE Consult, presents a way to efficiently and effectively anchor competence orientation in engineering sciences. In her article, Birgit Baum describes the historical development of competence orientation in German higher...

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Register now! Online dialogue No. 6 II

CHE Consult organises its 6th online dialogue for the second time! The topic: “The challenge of declining student numbers – just a question of marketing? Because the interest was so great and due to a technical limitation not all interested parties could be present...

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Register now! Online dialogue No. 6

CHE Consult organises its 6th online dialogue! The topic: “The challenge of declining student numbers – just a question of marketing? Use our exchange forum to discuss the challenge of declining student numbers with colleagues from other universities. You are invited to our online...

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University care training

Dr. Lukasz Hill and Laura Wallor, both Senior Consultants at CHE Consult, together with Bettina Dauer, Research Associate at the Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung in Bonn, describe success factors with regard to learning venue cooperation and organisation in higher education care training in the journal...

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Effects of a team coaching

In an article for the journal “Wissenschaftsmanagement”, Jens Engelke, Principal Consultant at CHE Consult, presents an example of how team coaching is carried out, including all the essential steps. The article is based on a team coaching that was carried out at a university....

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Register now: CHE Online Forum

On 19 and 20 October 2022, the CHE Online Forum “Strategische Nachhaltigkeit – wie und wozu messen?” (German) will take place. The online forum will be held with the support of CHE Consult, XOLAS and PRME. Sustainability has become a central challenge for higher...

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Digital transformation at the University of Hohenheim

CHE Consult has supported the University of Hohenheim in launching a comprehensive change process for digital transformation and helped shape a trend-setting strategy paper. The University of Hohenheim wants to shape research, studies and teaching, but also the university administration, more innovative, more efficient...

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New location for Kiel University of Applied Sciences

CHE Consult has recommended that the Kiel University of Applied Sciences locate its new nursing degree programme, which is to be established together with the new health faculty, in Neumünster. A few months ago, the Kiel University of Applied Sciences (UAS) commissioned CHE Consult...

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Implementation controlling for the THGA

From 2016 to 2022, CHE Consult carried out structured implementation controlling for the university strategy project “THGA 2022” at the Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola zu Bochum. The university strategy “THGA 2022” sets out how the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum should develop by...

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Successful application

We congratulate the 34 other higher education institutions that received funding for the recruitment and development of professorial staff. We are also pleased that CHE Consult was able to support some of the universities in their successful applications! The promotion of the recruitment and...

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Planning the future of Kehl University of Applied Sciences

CHE Consult supported the Kehl University of Applied Sciences in the preparation of its Structure and Development Plan 2023 – 2027. The main focus of the content-related and strategic consulting was on the areas of teaching, research and continuing education. In an extensive and...

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Evaluation of “SCHULWÄRTS!”

CHE Consult was commissioned by Stiftung Mercator to evaluate the programme “SCHULWÄRTS! – Lehramtspraktika International II” of the Goethe-Institut. The aim of the evaluation was to assess whether the qualitative and quantitative goals set for “SCHULWÄRTS!” were achieved. “SCHULWÄRTS!” arranges and provides funding for...

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Strategic Foresight for Higher Education Development

An article for the journal “Wissenschaftsmanagement”, written by Julia Klingemann and Jens Engelke with colleagues from Z_punkt, sheds light on how higher education institutions can develop “foresight literacy”. Higher Education Institutions are very familiar with creating or updating a Higher Education Development Plan (HEP)....

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Making a positive contribution to the future

In a recent article for DUZ Wissenschaft & Management, Jens Engelke (CHE Consult) and Mathias Falkenstein (XOLAS) argue: Higher Education Institutions  can open up new opportunities if they orient themselves towards students’ sustainability expectations. In a study conducted by the “Positive Impact Rating Association”,...

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Application and job interviews online: Success factors and pitfalls

In the course of the last few weeks, HEIs have been and continue to be confronted with exceptional challenges in their operational processes. This also applies to recruitment and appointment procedures, if these cannot conducted in-person. Currently, various digital formats are being tested. However,...

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Part-time studies: Not yet established despite record numbers

On behalf of the CHE Center for Higher Education Development, CHE Consult has been analyzing the development of part-time study programs in Germany on an annual basis since 2016. This year’s edition of the “CHECK – Part-Time Studies in Germany“”, is now available. It...

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