Implementation controlling for the THGA

From 2016 to 2022, CHE Consult carried out structured implementation controlling for the university strategy project “THGA 2022” at the Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola zu Bochum.

The university strategy “THGA 2022” sets out how the University of Applied Sciences in Bochum should develop by 2022. For this purpose, numerous strategic measures were described in all university service areas. The THGA wanted to be informed – particularly from an external perspective – about the implementation status of these measures once a year on a sound and documented basis. They commissioned Jens Engelke, Principal Consultant at CHE Consult, with the corresponding controlling.

Jens Engelke and his team evaluated the status on the basis of reports from those responsible for implementing the respective measures and conducted structured interviews. In a report on the results, they informed the university about the implementation status of each measure. In addition, further recommendations for the implementation of the strategic measures were made in the sense of university development. In detail, the annual report contained the following:

  • a summary of the identified implementation status and perspectives for the various strategic themes
  • an overview of the implementation status of both ongoing and not yet started projects
  • an assessment of the implementation status by the interlocutors
  • key trends and challenges as well as opportunities and risks arising from the individual themes for the THGA
  • measures taken by the THGA to deal with the perspectives, including ways to reduce obstacles, if necessary
  • other information on how to ensure the sustainable success of the project

“The objective analysis from outside is very valuable in order to realistically assess our project status and to be able to initiate the next steps or new measures,” says Prof. Dr. Heike Kehlbeck, Vice President University Development. “Jens Engelke has already supported us very successfully in the past with various projects. The university members’ cooperation with him is always extremely trusting and always oriented towards the positive development of the university.”