What do we offer?

Studies & Reports

In our research projects we follow two principles. First, we want to grasp and understand international developments in order to help our clients exploit their potential. Second, we want to develop methods and instruments based on our results that help universities to realize their strategies. We utilise quantitative and qualitative methods and can provide graphic visualisations via interactive tools during the analytic process.

Our portfolio includes for example evaluations, potential and feasability studies

To that, we use the following methods:

  • (Online) Surveys
  • Document and Data Analysis
  • Expert Interviews
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Visualizations

The basis of our activities is the close and trust-based cooperation with our clients, with whom we develop and achieve goals in dialogue. Please feel free to contact us and let us help you to develop a project design that fits your needs perfectly. What would you like to achieve?