New location for Kiel University of Applied Sciences

CHE Consult has recommended that the Kiel University of Applied Sciences locate its new nursing degree programme, which is to be established together with the new health faculty, in Neumünster.

A few months ago, the Kiel University of Applied Sciences (UAS) commissioned CHE Consult with an expert report to determine a suitable location for the new nursing degree programme to be established. CHE Consult completed its analysis and came out in favour of Neumünster in the end. Bernd Klöver, Managing Director of CHE Consult, presented the report to the media on 1 July in Berlin together with the University President’s Office of Kiel UAS.

“We are pleased that with the completion of the report a location has been found that optimally meets our requirements,” says Prof. Dr. Björn Christensen, President of Kiel UAS. “With the Friedrich Ebert Hospital as a cooperation partner, the quality of teaching for the important dual degree programme is guaranteed.”

The basis for this decision is an analysis based on a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of various data such as demographic and economic figures, available living space and healthcare providers. Tobias Bergmann, Mayor of the new UAS location, is enthusiastic about the decision: “This is a great day for Neumünster. Neumünster is now a university city. We are pleased that we have convinced CHE Consult with our offer, our networking with the Friedrich Ebert Hospital and through our city itself, and we look forward to joint development with Kiel UAS in Neumünster.”