Effective strategies for conflict resolution in the team

In an article for the journal “Wissenschaftsmanagement”, Jens Engelke, Principal Consultant at CHE Consult, presents two instruments from conflict management as components of an application-oriented guide for managers: Proactive work climate feedback and conflict resolution talks between two employees.

Universities and scientific institutions are very heterogeneous organisations. Whenever people with different personalities, ways of working and sometimes also different goals work together, conflicts will almost inevitably arise. Leaders should be aware of this, according to the author. Although there can be many different causes for conflicts, three main causes can be identified: insufficient communication, diverging interests and insufficient convergence on an interpersonal level.

A manager is not only responsible for achieving team, departmental or project goals, but also for promoting a positive working environment and good cooperation between employees. They should be aware of conflicts in their own area of responsibility, intervene at an early stage and apply appropriate conflict resolution strategies.