Welcome at CHE Consult

We understand diversity as an opportunity

CHE Consult is a consulting company in the field of strategic higher education management. Our customers are universities, education ministries, the European Commission, foundations and local authorities ...


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Strategic Consultancy

Make the success of the future plausible

Our services range from design and facilitation of individual workshops, feasibility studies and the development of strategic concepts to the implementation of comprehensive university development plans ...


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Organisational Development

Universities change
— always

Together with our customers we develop tailor-made organisational development projects. Our concepts are always based on the individual questions and the prevailing circumstances. The focus is on change management and the realignment of processes ...


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Quality Assurance

Always different and never arbitrarily

CHE Consult focuses on different levels with the issue of quality assurance. We write studies on international developments in the field of quality assurance systems, and develop innovative methods such as implementiieren CHE-QUEST, evaluate programs and advise in the preparation for accreditation ...


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on the trail of the actual effects

Internationalisation was considered too long in universities as a value in itself. In research and pilot projects, we develop new methods and services to measure the actual effects of mobility programs, exchanges and internationalisation outcomes  ...


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No research without application

In our research projects we are pursuing two lines, we want to grasp and understand international developments to make you fruitful for our customers. And we want on the basis of our results, methods and developing instruments that can help universities to implement their strategies ...


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In Focus

Strategic Foresight