Process management

Higher education institutions are complex expert organisations in which numerous business processes take place on a daily basis. However, these are often not sufficiently documented or linked to the knowledge of individuals.

CHE Consult and AKQUINET support universities in designing their management, performance and support processes in an intuitive and efficiency-oriented way. We accompany you from process mapping to analysis and optimisation to automated workflow management. We work with a continuous deepening approach in process recording, analysis and optimisation. First of all, it is important to create an overview and transparency in order to then optimise the individual processes in a targeted manner – oriented towards previously agreed analysis questions.

Our offer includes:

  • Process mapping and creation of process maps
  • Development of process registers
  • Optimisation of existing business processes
  • Introduction of a living process management
  • Establishment of process controlling
  • Identification of digitalisation potentials
  • Process digitalisation with ServiceNow®

Digitised processes help to complete tasks independent of time and location. The cloud-based platform ServiceNow® simplifies the complexity of business processes and creates a secure basis for smooth and efficient collaboration. Across departments and systems and without media breaks. The platform ensures lean processes and clarifies responsibilities in the day-to-day business. All employees can access the platform intuitively, even from mobile devices.

Active process management and the digitalisation of business processes bring changes. CHE Consult and akquinet pursue a communication-oriented and participative approach in every project. With the inclusion of relevant stakeholders, an overall transparent approach and a sharpening of the project goal at the beginning, we ensure implementation success.