Team coaching

Team coachings aim to improve cooperation and communication in a university organisational unit. They can serve both to resolve conflicts and to improve work processes or an organisational reorganisation. Team coaching is usually conducted in the form of a workshop. Depending on the initial situation, it is possible that preparatory individual or small group discussions take place with the team members.

Regardless of the occasion, in a team coaching session we first assume that there are numerous positive aspects of working together as a team. These should be affirmed in order to identify possibilities for further improvement in the next step, to find approaches to solutions or to reach agreements. A checklist for analysing team situations, for example, is suitable for this purpose and can be used to identify potential for improvement in a quick, targeted and practical way.

Team coaching can also be used in the event of conflicts within the team. Depending on the specific initial situation, we then agree on the methodology and procedure with your university. In the end, however, another format for finding a solution – e.g. a mediation process – may prove to be more suitable.
Benefits for your university:

  • Higher effectiveness and efficiency in your university’s teams
  • Better working atmosphere
  • Increased staff loyalty to your university