Anna Gehlke

Senior Consultant

Anna Gehlke has been working for CHE Consult since 2012 and primarily produces studies and expert reports for various clients. She is an expert in quantitative and qualitative surveys and data visualisation.

Her focus of work:

  • Strategy and organisational development
  • Data collection and data visualisation
  • Academic continuing education
  • University foundations or further developments
  • Internationalisation

Anna Gehlke has a Master’s degree in “Human Geography of the City” from the Humboldt University in Berlin and contributed her experience and expertise to numerous projects. In addition to working on the Erasmus+ Higher Education Impact Study, she was intensively involved in the study on the science metropolis Hamburg and supervised the project “Kandipalaute”, which was used with the help of the tool QUEST in the Finnish higher education system to measure the adaptation of students to the study situation.