Negotiation training

University and faculty management, executives at all levels or academics are confronted with many situations in which they have to negotiate. In appointment and recruitment processes, the transfer of tasks, service agreements, third-party funded projects with companies or the negotiation of personal allowances, to name but a few.

In the university environment and in science, negotiating parties and networks are often the same for many years and it is helpful to get along well. But how can this be done when you represent fundamentally different positions and interests? How do inexperienced people recognise negotiation strategies and tactics or apply goal-oriented strategies themselves?

CHE Consult conducts comprehensive workshops and training sessions with managers that prepare them for difficult negotiation situations. Participants gain insight into their own strengths and weaknesses as well as more confidence before and in negotiation situations.

Our offer includes:

  • Workshops for managers
  • Trainings for women only
  • Certificate courses

Our understanding of negotiation is based on both the Harvard Principle and the Schranner Method. The aim of the Harvard Principle is to achieve a win-win situation for both negotiating partners. The Schranner method focuses on asserting one’s own interests: “Play to win”. Find your own negotiation style and method with us.

Our consultants are certified “Advanced Negotiators” of the Schranner Negotiation Institute. In addition, we work with partners who prefer the Harvard Principle, especially in the field of science.

In the workshops, we place great emphasis on methodological knowledge and on giving all participants the opportunity to develop and train their own strategies. This can also be done in small groups and specifically for women.