Individual Coaching for Leaders

Individual coaching is aimed at leaders who want to expand their repertoire of contemporary leadership methods and strengthen their motivational communication.

For various reasons, leadership has become increasingly demanding in recent years. Examples of this are the increasing diversity of life and work models as well as a greatly increased scope of knowledge, which as a rule can no longer be fully called upon by a manager. With such changed framework conditions, previous understandings of leadership quickly reach their limits. It is therefore important to reflect on one’s own leadership actions and to develop them further in a goal-oriented manner.

The goals of the individual coaching are agreed upon between the respective executive of your university and our coaches. Everyday challenging leadership situations form the basis of the individual coaching. By choosing suitable methods, your executive will develop further – in a very practice-oriented, application-related way – towards the agreed coaching goals. As a rule, three to five individual coaching appointments of 90 minutes each take place.

Benefits for your university:

  • Managers with a clear understanding of leadership and tasks
  • Leaders as problem solvers and enablers
  • More clarity, orientation and ultimately motivation for the teams