ERS solutions for Business Schools

Business schools today are expected to respond to the increasing importance of Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability (ERS) driven by Business School accreditation agencies, politics, globalized companies, and students. CHE Consult supports the development and integration process of ERS into all academic and administrative areas of Business schools. The ERS solution line is a consultancy package designed by CHE Consult to help assess, align and implement ERS measures at Business Schools.

ERS solution line

CHE Consult designed a comprehensive ERS solution line to meet the individual Business School’s needs in a systematic approach.

ERS Solution 1: Gap-Analysis

CHE Consult evaluates the whole of the Business school’s planned and introduced ERS activities on the basis of its documents and gives feedback on the status of the implementation of ERS at the Business School. CHE Consult provides the School with a report on the status quo of ERS and resulting recommendations for further development (Gap-Analysis). It is based on our experiences in Higher Education institutions (HEI) strategy implementation, social responsibility of HEIs concerning academic as well as administrative matters and our familiarity with the specifics of Business schools, as well as good-practice examples from pioneer Business Schools in the field. The report is solidified by 1-2 qualitative interviews with stakeholders and affirmed by a renowned expert of ERS implementation at higher education institutions and / or Business schools.

ERS Solution 2: Tailor-made concept

CHE Consult conducts an in-depth exploration of ERS at the institution with the three standard tools document analysis, qualitative interviews, and online-survey. The standard exploration can be complemented by optional tools, such as focus group discussions, reaffirmation of the final report, and Benchmarking with other Business Schools. Based on the exploration, CHE Consult provides the Business School with a tailor-made concept of ERS aligned to its profile and institutional strategy, which includes an ERS implementation and finance plan.

ERS Solution 3: Accreditation

CHE Consult supports and accompanies the preparation process of the Business School for Business accreditation labels such as EQUIS or AACSB with respect to ERS, whether in the first-time accreditation or in the reaccreditation process. CHE Consult is familiar with the standards and criteria of all common labels. It contributes to the necessary documentation, offers to conduct a mock audit process, and to run the training of individual ERS panels prior a Peer Review Visit to enable the Business School to be best prepared for accreditation.

ERS Solution 4: Implementation

This approach addresses Business Schools who have already developed an ERS action plan or wish implementation support subsequent to CHE Consult ERS solutions 1 to 3. CHE Consult has a reputation for implementing Change Management measures which cushion the impact of change to staff or prepare the staff with the help of corresponding awareness-raising activities. Information is collected via focus group discussions, individual interviews or surveys on the actual situation of staff which serves as basis for a strategy for Change Management. CHE Consult provides an action plan including milestones, the organization of process workshops with the project team, and the monitoring of the ERS implementation process until its finalization. The Business School is informed about the status of the implementation process with a mid-term and a final report.