Dr. Sylvia Euler

Associated Consultant

Dr. Sylvia Euler’s primary areas of expertise are higher education and curriculum development, education management, concept development, and evaluation implementation with a focus on structural analysis.

Her particular subject focus:

  • Educational needs analyses
  • Concept development
  • Development of study programs
  • Implementation of evaluations
  • Sustainability management

Dr. Sylvia Euler studied sociology, educational science and labor studies at the TU Berlin and the FU Berlin. In her dissertation she dealt with quality assurance in the social and educational sector from a society-specific meaning perspective. Her particular research interests relate to the improvement of living conditions in the context of social, ethical, socio-spatial and age-specific references. Here, her specific focus is on the qualitative assessment of needs as well as the corresponding development of approaches and recommendations for action. In this context, she has successfully carried out various social science research projects and founded important networks in this field.