Seminars on committee work improve self-government at higher education institutions

The higher education system in Germany is based largely on university self-government. It is essential for state, ecclesiastical and private higher education institutions (HEIs) alike. The significance of university self-government particularly comes to light in institutional accreditation by the German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat), which is vital for the development of both ecclesiastical and private HEIs. And yet university self-government is of paramount importance in all HEIs, irrespective of their funding body. As such, it makes sense to actively promote the quality of committee work. Seminars on committee work can play an important role in this respect.

CHE Consult delivers such seminars. The aim of these seminars is to strengthen the function and role of today’s and tomorrow’s committee members, and to enhance their self-conception. In addition to providing an overview of the central and decentralised committees at the relevant HEI, the seminars involve exploring the importance of committees and shedding light on the way they work. They are also ideal for conveying fundamental legal knowledge, such as on the extent of co-determination, time limits for convening and holding committee meetings, how to handle the obligation to maintain secrecy and details relating to committee votes.

The methods applied at these seminars enable participants to think about their personal reasons for becoming involved in committee work. This approach makes them contributors who are able to exchange information about their committee experience and their expectations. The issue of practical committee work is also broached, such as the preparation and organisation of meetings, meeting procedures appropriate for members, the conditions and implementation of adopting resolutions and results-driven meeting management as a whole. Possible role conflicts in committees are also the subject of debate.

CHE Consult most recently delivered two seminars on committee work at Stuttgart University. Seminar Day 1 was directed at university members who as yet had no experience in committee work; Seminar Day 2 was devised for university members with previous committee experience. By offering these seminars, Stuttgart University demonstrated how much it appreciates the importance of committee work and university self-government.



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