Guiding the Institute of Theater Pedagogy towards a more distinct service portfolio

CHE Consult has provided consultation to the Institute of Theater Pedagogy (ITP) in Lingen. ITP is part of the Faculty of Management, Culture and Technology (MKT) at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. Each year, around 130 students from home and abroad apply for the 17 places available on the Bachelor programme. Graduates find employment communicating culture in theatres, socio-educational settings and independent theatre projects, or they teach in schools and industry.

CHE Consult was commissioned to help the Institute of Theater Pedagogy create a more distinct direction in the content of its teaching, research and transfer activities, making it viable for the future. To this end, a research concept was developed within the project to outline the general framework conditions relating to research, research approaches and methods of theatre pedagogy at the Institute as well as its research profile and key research activities.

A second aspect of the project involved reviewing and refocusing designations, since several professorships will need to filled over the next few years. Talking about this aspect, Professor Dr. Steinkamp, Dean of the Faculty of Management, Culture and Technology, stated: “The project resulted in a more distinct outline of future key areas of content in teaching and research. This means that designations can now be defined based on needs, enabling us to fill our professorships in a more targeted way.”

In addition, CHE Consult produced recommendations for the Burgtheater, run by the Institute, and Germany’s only Theatre Pedagogy Archives. CHE Consult was also invited to voice recommendations on ITP’s teaching and practice partnerships. In this area, special emphasis was placed on the Institute’s potential for development at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and within Germany’s theatre pedagogy landscape. Relevant potential was derived and fine-tuned by analysing documents, conducting interviews with experts and stakeholders, and applying workshop output.

“The facilitation and guidance provided by CHE Consult enabled ITP staff to hold focused discussions and assess future prospects during the workshops,” stated Professor Dr. Bernd Ruping, Director of ITP. “Staff members were very eager to help create a more distinct service portfolio for tomorrow’s ITP.”


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