Further development of administrative structures and processes at the Evangelische Hochschule Ludwigsburg (Protestant University of Applied Sciences)

CHE Consult has been guiding the EH Ludwigsburg in further developing its administrative structures and processes. The university of applied sciences has grown rapidly over the past ten years in terms of degree programmes, students and teaching staff. Such growth poses a major administrative challenge, which the university management seeks to address by initiating a consultation project. Support consisted of two phases.

In Project Phase 1, CHE Consult assisted the EH Ludwigsburg in conducting a personnel requirement and process analysis for the university administration. For this purpose, CHE Consult conducted a benchmarking procedure with the EH Berlin and the EH Freiburg. Based on the results, CHE Consult suggested dividing the administration into two service departments, each with their own leader. The aim of this structural change and the implementation of numerous routine processes was to increase work efficiency and to relieve researchers and the university management of administrative tasks.

In Project Phase 2, CHE Consult was commissioned to advise on the implementation of modifications to structures and processes in the university administration. Together with the Rectorate, CHE Consult successively developed an organisational chart for the university management. To do so, it became especially important to clearly separate, define and assign employee roles and responsibilities.

An organisational chart was also created for the two newly formed administrative departments. “It was possible to generate a lot of specification for cooperation between these two departments/department leaders and other stakeholders at the EH Ludwigsburg,” noted Project Manager Jens Engelke. An additional benchmarking report detailing the work processes of the organisational units of the Rectorate, the International Office, the Internship Office and Housekeeping rounded out Project Phase 2. Once again, both the EH Freiburg and the EH Berlin served as touchstone institutions for the project.


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