QUEST - Diversity as an opportunity

QUEST is a survey instrument that is unique in its kind at least in Germany. The students of a university are interviewed using a standardised questionnaire. Recorded are

  • Socio-demographic characteristics
  • Aspects of performance or course of study
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Teamwork and intercultural experiences,
  • Perception and use of the offerings and degree structures.

The university receives a detailed report. The result is a (data-based) image of what constitutes the diversity of students beyond external characteristics. The QUEST results provide an empirical basis for monitoring the diversity of the student body, as well as a data-based quality management based on the probability of success of the students.

It is possible to identify areas in the school, its change makes it easier for students to better navigate in the study situation and thus to be more successful in their studies. On the other hand it can be checked whether and under what conditions certain identified learn about morphology groups at universities and disadvantages which diversity characteristics have an impact on academic success.

In Finland, QUEST is used in the KADIPALAUTE project. Involved have been all universities in the country. For the master's degree programs, the adaptation of the students to the study conditions was measured and made comparable.


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