Online Dialogue on "Home Office"

"Home office and Higher Education Institutions - more risk than reward?" This question was discussed by 59 people from 39 universities in an online dialogue organised by CHE Consult on 6th May 2020, which is the start of a series of dialogues. At present, the topic "home office" is more relevant than ever for Higher Education Institutions members. While working from home was previously rather an exception, this form of work has become a lived practice in the face of the Corona Pandemic.

The following questions were discussed by the participants during the online dialogue:

  • What are the risks associated with home office?
  • What are the advantages?
  • What experiences will you take with you for your university for the time after Corona?

At the beginning, Ms. John-Redeker (Head of Human Resources Development and Recruitment, TH Köln) and Prof. Dr. Salomo (Head of Department for Technology and Innovation Management, TU Berlin) each presented three theses on the topic. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas together. Three short surveys were also conducted.

Many of the responding participants share the assessment that the attitude towards home office at their university will change for the better after Corona and that it will be easier to work more flexibly. However, some also suspect that there will not be a major change in this respect. According to the respondents, the biggest challenges for university staff working from home are the compatibility of childcare and home office, the technical equipment and the exchange with colleagues. However, most participants also see opportunities for the time after Corona. A large number of them believe that it will become the norm for employees to be able to work from home and about half of them assume that their university will invest in additional technical equipment.


Julia Klingemann, initiator and moderator of the online dialogue, is pleased about the great interest: "We are pleased about the large number of participants and the intensive exchange of experiences in this online format. This encourages us to continue along this path and to continue the dialogue as a series".

The first online dialogue was placed directly at the heart of the topic of personnel development. Along the four phases there, which according to our consulting experience play an essential role in personnel development concepts, namely

  • Strategic personnel planning
  • Application Management & Onboarding
  • Personnel development for employees
  • Leaving Experts

we would like to prepare another online dialogue from the field of "Strategic Personnel Planning" or "Application Management & Onboarding".


If you are interested in participating in upcoming exchange formats or have any further suggestions on the topic, please contact us and send an e-mail to laura.wallor(at)





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